Eamon O’Rourke, Film and Theater Director

Eamon O'RourkeEamon O’Rourke is a film and theater director. He is New York-based, born in Brooklyn, and raised in the borough of Queens. He attended the Theatre School at the University of DePaul and later Colgate University, where he studied theater and film.


O’Rourke has ten years of experience as a professional film and theater director. He started his career as an assistant in production on The West Wing and worked with several other television shows, including “Schoolboy Q,” Tommy Hilfiger, and “Wolf of Wall Street.” As a ghostwriter, O’Rourke has written scripts for many films. O’Rourke has also taught classes at Pierrepont School in Brooklyn Heights, NY. O’Rourke later tuned to running a music video company.


O’Rourke films, includes:

  • “Asking for It”
  • “The Wolf of Wall Street”
  • “The West Wing”

O’Rourke’s Perspective on Diversity

O’Rourke believes strongly in being mindful of others and how our behavior affects our bottom line. He says promoting diversity in the workplace keeps people honest and makes for better work for everyone involved. Eamon O’Rourke adds that incorporating different people on set is a blessing when critical ideas are needed. He says that such people feel free to air their views, which promotes trust among the team.

Asking for It

It’s a film about a girl who is raped and how she deals with it. The girl joins a female vigilante gang to take vengeance against her rapist. The film explores the impact of rape culture and how society enables sexual assault by normalizing and trivializing rape and other forms of violence against women.


O’Rourke is an activist and philanthropist who has supported numerous causes. He established Legal Hand, which helps underprivileged people with housing matters, jobs, healthcare, and legal assistance. O’Rourke also advocates for people’s right to recover from substance abuse through his involvement with halfway homes.

Eamon O’Rourke believes in equality and remains transparent on set. He has brought positive impacts on many lives through his philanthropy and activism.