Greg Aziz Chief Executive Officer at Cascade Systems

Greg Aziz is the CEO and the current President of Cascade Systems Ltd. He has been in this position for years, and he has accomplished many great things during this time. He has been the company’s CEO for about 12 years and is still working hard to ensure that he takes the railroad manufacturing company to a higher level. Cascade Systems is known to be the most excellent steel car maker in Canada, and it has been serving the country with quality products.

All About Greg Aziz

  1. Background


Greg Aziz comes from a very humble background. Born in London, he was educated at a British-based school, and later on, he decided to go to the University of Western Ontario. During college, his parents were very proud of his achievement and always supported him. 


Greg Aziz CEO at Cascade Systems

He majored in economics and later decided to further his education at Harvard Business School. He envisioned becoming a successful businessman one day and knew that an education from this prestigious institution would give him what he wanted. Greg Aziz later became a leader and pioneer in the railroad manufacturing industry.


  1. Career History

Greg Aziz was recruited by Cascade Systems right after college and achieved great success. He started as a manager and later became the company’s president. The company is one of the world’s leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. Greg Aziz has taken the company to a higher level, especially regarding providing services. Gregory Aziz has a good vision and grand plans. He is an excellent businessman, and he is also a good leader. He has been working on behalf of the company for years now and will surely help take it to a higher level.