Health Carousel OnDemand Offers Travel Nurses the Freedom to Roam and Work

Nurses on the have a new travel nursing home. It’s called Health Carousel OnDemand and offers nurses the freedom to roam and work.

Health Carousel OnDemand is an online marketplace for registered nurses that offer flexible scheduling, more choice of assignments, and an easy resume submission process.

“Nurses are looking for a better work-life balance, and they want flexible scheduling to accommodate their personal lives,”

Health Carousel OnDemand CEO and co-founder Adam Baynes said. “By offering nurses the ability to choose the best assignments, it provides them with the freedom to travel and still earn a six-figure salary.”

Health Carousel works like an online dating website for nurses. Registered nurses submit their resumes, and hospitals and other healthcare facilities that use the service can browse the candidates and decide which ones they want.

Nurses choose which assignments they want to go on based on their requirements. The assignments are typically short-term contracts with a salary.

Health Carousel OnDemand is available in all states but has a large following in California and Texas. More nurses have signed on as members so far.

Baynes said it is more flexible than other travel companies and offers nurses better benefits and higher salaries.

“We can offer more competitive pay because our platform is able to lower healthcare costs by helping hospitals fill temporary vacancies,” Baynes said. “The ability to set assignments based on our partners’ needs allows us to find excellent candidates for each job.”

The company has received awards for innovation, product design, and excellence in customer service at the Healthcare Business Leader Awards.

Most recently, it was named one of the Top fastest-growing startups in America, according to the Startup Genome Report.

“Our business has grown at a more rapid rate than we thought it would,” Baynes said. “This is a testament to how unique and innovative our model is.”

It also offers an application process that helps nurses find current assignments. Nurses can look up opportunities, apply, and update their resumes.

“Our platform gives registered nurses the freedom to choose when their next assignment will be based on the information about opportunities that is provided to them,” Baynes said. “We are providing nurses with the freedom to work when and where they want to.”