Krishen Iyer Shares Why Modernist Marketing Specialists Are a Good Idea


Technology is changing how we sell things, from how social media targets ads to 3D printing’s role in prototyping products. A modernist marketing specialist, Krishen Iyer, has made it his mission to stay informed about this changing environment and provide the most current information to the businesses he works with.


  1. About Krishen Iyer


Krishen Iyer is a marketing director with a passion for modernist marketing. He has been involved in several projects that have won awards, including the Apple Design Award. He is the owner and founder of Encinitas based consulting company MAIS Consulting. MAIS Consulting has worked with different organizations to help them innovate and implement modernist marketing goals. 


  1. Who Is a Modernist Marketer?


Modernist marketing is a current trend. Modernist marketing specialists are innovators who use modern techniques to build brands. Krishen Iyer believes that success depends on a combination of education and experience, tech-savvy, and creativity. 


The business expert and CEO at MAIS Consulting Krishen Iyer notes that specialists must keep up with industry trends and turn to modernist marketing books and magazines for information (Prnewswire).


  1. The Modernist Marketer’s Role


There is a fine line between staying informed about new marketing techniques and keeping on top of all the changes in an evolving business environment. Krishen Iyer has found that the most successful businesses have modernist marketers. 

These innovators bring new insight and perspective to online marketing, which is extremely important with today’s technology all around the world. He explains how they strive to help businesses roar. Modernist marketing specialists such as Krishen Iyer bring innovative techniques to traditional marketing strategies. A modernist marketer will provide updates about the most recent techniques and implement these new strategies.