Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni HufnagelWhat do you get when a serial entrepreneur meets the founder of a TV show about success? When Yanni Hufnagel met Daymond John (founder of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank), he knew he wanted to learn from his entrepreneurial experience. Daymond saw something in Yanni that led him to invest in National Television in Lemon Perfect, Yanni’s most recent venture. Find out what Daymond saw and how you can learn from both entrepreneurs.

When Yanni Hufnagel first started in business, he was determined to leverage his background in sales and entrepreneurial skills to become a successful entrepreneur. While attending Johns Hopkins University, Yanni began his first house cleaning business. After graduating from college, he found another company that focused on natural hair care products for women. When Yanni took an entrepreneurship class, he realized the level of commitment it takes to succeed in business. He was able to use this new knowledge as fuel for his next venture – Lemon Perfect.

After eight years working for Fortune 500 companies, Yanni saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing trend of businesses becoming mobile with their services. By analyzing his spending habits and learning from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes, he saw a void in the market where Lemon Perfect could help businesses by providing order-ahead services. In the beginning, Yanni spent hours on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to promote his new business. Through this marketing strategy, Yanni built Lemon Perfect into a company with over $1 million in revenue within one year of launching.

Yanni HufnagelLemon Perfect is just the beginning for Yanni as he continues developing more companies around his business platform that focus on bringing customers value through convenience and accessibility. Connect with Yanni Hufnagel on the Facebook page to learn more about Lemon Perfect.